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From what I have heard these barrels are only good for stock fps or a certain fps range. Also heard that it makes the current hop-up system useless. This info is unverified and is only "talk" I havent had any experince in these types of barrels just passing on what I've heard.
Originally Posted by ujiro View Post
It would make the current hop system useless. You don't want any backspin, the rifling puts a spin, instead of the hop putting a backspin.
Both of you are correct according to ILLusion's tests in the thread linked in my last post. Apparently the hop-up has to be turned all the way up or else the bb will fall short.

edit: It should be noted that the rifling isn't actually for giving the bb any sort of rotation in the way that rifling does in RS guns. It's for ensuring even airflow around the bb while it passes through the barrel to float it through.

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I could never stop going to WalMart. Its the only place I can get good airsoft guns.

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