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Just an update...

as far as suppliers go..

Airsoft Buddy still sucks, TS-One has fallen off the face of the earth. Although Horizon Tactical is amazing on service, they have recently taken their website down for unknown reasons. The owner Jeff did tell me they were having problems with the ATF, so they won't resume business till Aug. Jeff also says that he won't be concentrating on parts sales and more on service like upgrades and repairs. That's a real shame, because I can't seem to find anyone reliable!

Before anyone buys this gun, they should head over to arnies and really understand how the gun works and be able to take certain things apart. You are really going to need to know how to take it apart and do your own repairs. It's not complicated or too expensive, but certain parts really need to be redesigned.

So far things that have gone wrong.

- Part #59 broke, this is basically a metal plate that holds the trigger hammer in place. Gun won't function without it. Main cause of failure is the screws looseing due to lack of locktite. Also, the metal isn't the best and cracks easily.

- Part #122 nozzle O-ring. Once again, there is no locktite/thread lock used on the bolt holding the nozzle in place. This causes misalignment of the nozzle when it enters the piston. The o-ring then sheers.

- Charging Handle. Cheap metal used, it will eventually crack and you will need a mil-spec real steel or forged/CNC aluminum peice.

- Mag's bolt catch wears down after time, bolt will not lock back once last round has been fired, basically buy a pack of bolt catches for the mags and replace them, not hard at all.

- Mag's fill valve and exit valve both leak. O-rings fail due to lack of silicon or god knows why.

- Middle section of barrel unscrews itself while firing. Once again, more locktite!

- Delta ring/barrel loosens, MORE LOCKTITE!

- Sights on carrying handle have completely seized not allowing for any adjustment... no idea.

- excessive gas blow by blasting out from charging handle.... no idea.

- BB's sometimes exit the barrel at very low FPS, sometimes they even shoot sideways 45 degrees! I've read this is due to inconsistent manufacturing of the hopup, so at times it can be over hopped. There are fixed avilable, but it results in people basically reshaping the hopup themselves, wtf?

Aside from all these problems, I still love the gun. It's a blast. I just hope there will be parts available that will improve the accuracy. It's acceptable in semi, in full auto it's a mess.
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