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Red Dot April 2nd, 2014 03:26

eHobby Asia horrible customer service
Hello everyone,

This is to serve as a warning for dealing with eHobby Asia.

I ordered a PTS Masada adjustable stock on Saturday March 15 (March 16 their time in HK). It was listed in stock and I paid extra for express shipping. I asked for specific delivery instructions in their shopping cart comments section as most delivery folks try the wrong door at my place.

eHobby Asia shipped the stock Wednesday March 19, 3 business days after the order. I received it Monday March 25 after being notified by Canada Post that they attempted delivery (without my shipping instructions it failed) but I was lucky it was dropped off for pickup the same day.

I had emailed them asking why it took them 3 business days to ship an in stock item that I paid double the shipping costs to get express shipped and why it wasn't labelled as instructed, I got no replies to that email. I used their third-party customer service software to ask the same thing, no reply. 8 days later I emailed again, this time asking for the difference in cost of express shipping versus standard as they didn't seem to care about shipping it in a timely fashion nor with the proper shipping instructions, again no response.

March 30 I opened a PayPal dispute as to the full shipping charges to be refunded and some new information, a sling swivel was also missing from the package. I asked for $40 USD to recoup the costs of all the shipping plus the missing part. Now I got a reply to take a picture of the stock and they rejected the partial refund request. I escalated the case with PayPal which they rejected since they only cover the items and not shipping issues. Armed with a new email address to eHobby Asia I emailed them again asking why the 3 business day delay in getting out an in stock express shipping requested item which was improperly labelled and missing a part. They responded it was shipped in time (which it was) however completely neglected to answer why it took until Wednesday to get out (which was my original inquiry) and never even mentioned the labeling issue. As for the part they asked to see the stock and the box (dunno what that has to do with a missing part).

I emailed again stating I had no issue with the actual shipping but their processing time which they replied that the package arrived within the proper time frame which AGAIN completely ignored the question of a 3 business day delay in getting it out. And without pictures they cannot do anything for a missing part.

Obviously they don't care and operate on their own agenda. With other retailers in the past if I purchased something express it went out the next business day, these clowns don't care that someone pays double the shipping rates for that service and undermines the whole thing by extending their processing times with no explanation given.

Buyers beware.

Styrak April 2nd, 2014 15:35

Express shipping doesn't mean they're going to ship it any faster, just the service they use. 3 days is an acceptable length for a large company like that.

Red Dot April 2nd, 2014 19:24

They list up to 48 hours for processing so by their own admission they delayed it a further day. This doesn't even begin to sum up all the other omissions and errors on their part which they didn't even acknowledge let alone try to correct. Bad customer service is inexcusable in my books.

ehobbyasia April 9th, 2014 02:46

We feel terribly sorry about there was such a misunderstanding in our communication. However, please understand that we are receiving loads of email in our inbox every minute and it is physically impossible for our customer service executive to follow up every of them.

So we strongly encourage customers to leave a note when placing orders and state your request as clear as possible. Because of we are living in diferent time zones, most of the times we have processed the order before you raise up the the requirment by email, and after the order has be processed, customer service is not able to change much thing on the order.

We take every case seriously if there is a problem to solve or it is a chance to improve, please let us know your details and we will ensure you will always have a better shopping experience with us.

For a direct conversation, please contact our customer service executive at:

Red Dot April 9th, 2014 15:57

It took almost 2 weeks and a PayPal dispute for you to finally respond to a paying customer, I suggest you adjust your system because you should be responding to every email your paying customers send in a timely fashion. Your auto-response email even states you'll reply in 48 hours which is false.

You repeatedly ignored to respond to why it took 3 days to process an in-stock item, you completely ignored my note for specific shipping instructions and a part was missing.

I'm sorry but your customer service is awful, another online retailer sent me a complete refund for a part that wasn't working properly and I didn't even need to ship back the part. You guys however make every attempt to avoid addressing the issues so I'll take my business elsewhere and I encourage others to do the same.

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