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Recent Spam
May 28, 2018 - 3:57 PM - by BloodSport
Hey everyone we are aware of a recent spam blast on the forms both via general posts, and as seen this past weekend via PM's.

The owners of ACS are aware of it, and are updating the spam software and implementing some new new member steps which will hopefully fix it. It sounds like many forums got his hard this weekend from the reports they are reading from other site owners.
5 Replies | 3,240 Views
Op: ICE BREAKER 2 // MAY 26 // 18hr TFS Thamesville
May 08, 2018 - 3:55 PM - by Trendkilla
18 HR event hosted by CRYE WOLF . TFS Thamesville Ont. / MAY 26TH

$ 40 at the gate / 12:01pm till 6am
Great introduction to milsim for new players. Also a great way for vet players to show our next gen of airsofters a proper gentlemens game.
This will be a multiple flag station control game base under Battlefield Conquest game set and rules.

Camo vs Civi

Please post up on Facebook for a headcount.

Command for this years event are 2 very reputable players that I personally have been under at milsims.
Civi side .. FoxTrot One 7
Camo side .. A. Mason
6 Replies | 2,764 Views
Clarification to Buy/Sell rules
Sep 25, 2017 - 4:21 PM - by BloodSport
Sad that we have had to add a line to the Buy/Sell rules for clarification but recently a situation came up where it was required.

As a seller, when you advertise a gun that "is in working condition, but recently started making a noise I think its a motor" and the only other details you provide is that there is a minor section of damage to the barrel, and that is all the photos show and sell the gun cheaply because you do not have the time or skill to fix the possible issue. Do not be surprised when the person who buys it receives it, finds out it is missing a bunch of parts and has quite a few other pieces of damage not mentioned or shown in any of the photos posted, is upset and leaves you a negative feedback.

Do not leave them retaliatory feedback calling them a whiner because you sold it to them super cheap.

Not disclosing that you have pilfered quite a few parts from the gun, not mentioned a fair amount of other damages as well in your cheap gun ad is dishonest.

Due to the amount of the gun in this case being super low, we did not remove the AV tags of the seller this time (he did get a 3 month ban for being a douche though). We did remove the retaliatory feedback he left and if he does so again it will end up in a perma ban.

So the new rule is about disclosure, providing the proper information regarding what you are selling to others. If you state it is in working condition with a suspected motor issue, do not sell it if you fail to mention you removed parts from the gearbox to fix one of your other guns first. If you say the body is in good shape other then 1 small spot (and your photos only show this), and it is received with cracks and other damages you did not disclose this violates said rules.

Honesty people, this sport is based upon it and Honour. Show this in your sales as well, or you will lose the privilege of selling here.
0 Replies | 3,953 Views
Arms airsoft festival 2017
Aug 18, 2017 - 8:03 AM - by bean
I am just posting the news don't pm me

Dear all,
As the Organizer of Arms Airsoft Festival 2017, I would like to invite you to participate in this year’s event which will take place at Wasaga Beach Paintball on SUNDAY, Oct 1, 2017.
Draw Prizes over $2500

AAF is as the iconic Airsoft event , the biggest event of its kind in Ontario, with a full day of field games, target shooting & team competition.
Full day of field games, airsoft target shooting competition (ATSC) , 8 on 8 team competition, Best Dressed.

Trophy games:
1. 8 on 8 competition
2. shooting competition (2 guns)
a. sniper + pistol (half day) limited spot
b. rifle + pistol (half day) limited spot
3. best dress competition
Competition regulations will keep upload on Facebook.
Arms Airsoft Festival 2017

Event tickets can be purchased from EVENT SPONSORS

More info contact:

Hope you will be able to join us this year! Thanks !
AAF Organizer.

Event Sponsors :

Continental Ultimate Inc.

RedWolf Airsoft (Hong Kong)

Ultimate Airsoft Canada Inc.

Mach 1 Airsoft

Gear Up Airsoft

Challenger Airsoft

Lehill Airsoft Workshop

Airsoft Depot
3 Replies | 5,777 Views
7th Annual Canadian Podcasters Charity Shoot
Jun 23, 2017 - 10:25 AM - by Blackthorne
As many of us airsofters are real steel enthusiasts as well, we got permission to post this here.

Fantastic opportunity to support a PTSD charity and send some rounds down range. Tons of prizes to be raffled off and giveaways throughout the day.



Friday July 7

Ragnarok Tactical Carbine Class

Friday Pub Night

Saturday July 7

Charity Shoot

Saturday Pub night

Invitation Letter


Group accommodation not available at this time. Pub nights to be in the area of Stone Rd and Gordon St, Guelph. There are several hotels in this area.
Stone Rd and Gordon St is about 15 minutes from Guelph Rod and Gun Club.

Stages and Minimum Round Counts

Stage 1
Mapleseed Qualification
Rifle, 40 Rounds

Stage 2
Pistol, 12 Rounds

Stage 3
Carbine, 14 Rounds

Stage 4
Shotgun, 14 Rounds

Stage 5 – Plate Rack, 50/50, lowest time wins
Pistol, 5 rounds
5$ to reshoot as time allows


Canadian Patriot Podcast

The International Liberty or Death Podcast

Modern Rifleman Radio

Slam Fire Radio

New Shooter Canada


Canadian Coalition for Firearms Rights, Ragnarok Tactical, Spatha Tactical, Valkyrie Defense Group, CDN Gunworx, Highlander Tactical, S&J Hardware, Steamwhistle, Colt Canada, TDSA Canada, Lanz Shooting Supplies, Tactical Ordnance, Seven Six Two Systems, Titan Tactical & Combat Inc., Gryphon Energetics, Matador Arms Corp, Canadian Shooting Sports Association, Project Mapleseed
2 Replies | 5,652 Views
ASC Facebook page(s)
Apr 25, 2017 - 5:52 PM - by BloodSport
Thought I would throw this up here as a FYI as it keeps coming up.

The ASC Facebook page:
Is not affiliated with the Airsoft Canada Forums, it was started by someone who is not an admin or owner of the forums. Yes there is some of our moderators who are admins there, but as mentioned what happens on the FB page has no bearing to actions done here on ASC.

The only official ASC Facebook page is:
Which was started by one of our forum owners. And is not super active as we prefer the forums.

So when you have a complaint about the FB page initially mentioned in this post, please contact one of their admins to complain and not send messages to Admins here on the Forums.

Their Shitposts and flamewars are theirs to deal with, not ours. Their "elite" posters who make new members and smaller groups feel unwelcome belong there, all are welcome here provided you follow the forum rule sets We have been working very hard here on the forums to keep the flame wars to minimums and provide a quality resource page for members to research and gain information via.
3 Replies | 6,338 Views
Hotmail users & ASC aka Hotmail sucks.
May 16, 2016 - 11:33 AM - by BloodSport
Okay reposting this since it has been awhile since the last notice.

Hotmail likes to just randomly delete messages from our forums, the only users we have been having issues reported from when checked all have hotmail accounts linked to their accounts.

So this means they do not usually get the email verification when they first sign up which severely restricts what they can and cannot do on the forums. Or if they make it past the verification email, typically will not receive any email notifications if they have them turned on.

If you are experiencing these issues, you need to change your email to a non hotmail account.
23 Replies | 27,478 Views
Reminder for Classified Ads
Mar 09, 2016 - 10:25 AM - by BloodSport
With the recent FB banning we would like to welcome many of you back and many new members onto the forums.

Please remember when making sales/want ads that we ask that you list multiples of the same category (example 3 AEGs) in the same thread instead of spamming multiple sales threads.
We will merge multiple sales ads in the same category if found (if you list 4 gear sales threads, we will make them into 1 for example).

Classified Sales Rules can be found stickied in each section, or for a quick reference:

This is to help keep sales threads from spamming and hiding others sales, it also ties into our 7 day no bumping rules, to keep the spam down

3 Replies | 11,586 Views
Age Verifications
Oct 02, 2015 - 1:16 PM - by BloodSport
As some of you may or may not have noticed, the staff and verifiers of ASC forums have been working hard to get our lists updated and easier to navigate for those of you looking to gain age verifications.

There has been countless hours put into this process, and still more to do (the Ontario and Quebec lists are still a work in progress).

Also each province now has an extra point of contact being added to the lists, there is a "Master" AV rep that has stepped forward to help keep the lists and reps updated. In the event you have questions or issues reaching a rep in your region these Master AVers are there to help provide you with additional support in tracking down someone, or redirecting you to you next closest rep.

Please visit: for all your Age Verification needs.
34 Replies | 27,634 Views
Threats of Physical Harm
Mar 11, 2014 - 11:58 PM - by BloodSport
I should not be having to make a post about this, threatening other members with physical harm is against the forum rules, and can also become an issue with the authorities if the member threatened deems it necessary to contact the police.

Tonight I was provided proof from a member who received a threat from another member to act with physical harm at an upcoming event.

Said member has been given his only warning to never do so again here. Next time it is full removal from the site for ever.

I am also providing said members information to the event hosts for them to make their own decision on whether to allow him access to their events or not.

If you threaten physical harm, and the receiving party decides to take it to the police and they investigate we will give up your information if it is done via ASC to the police. This includes your age verification information.

No one needs or deserves threats of physical assault over anything to do with out sport like that.

Nuff said.
31 Replies | 37,194 Views
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