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3rd Annual Arms Airsoft Festival 2014
May 10, 2014 - 3:28 PM - by Tactical Elite


3rd Arms Airsoft Festivals

Date: July 06, 2014
Location: Wasaga Paintball –Outdoor Field
Time: 9:30 am – 4:30pm
Free Entry for Festivals

War Game Fee: $45.00 (HST included)
Early Bird before: 15 June 2014 $40.00
Early Bird Players fee include: bb’s ; Event gifts.

What’s Fun at the Event:
Airsoft Target Shooting Competition (ATSC) - Individual & Team; with trophy & prizes.
Airsoft exhibitions – New products & accessories showcase from our sponsors.
Shooting range – Free shooting range to practice and warm up.
Event war games (EWG) – Non-stop awesome games throughout the day.
Best’s & outstanding dress cat walk competition.

Registration: Please Contact Ken @ ChigunHobbies for registation forms provided at links below or by phone.
Lucky draw – prizes valued at over $3000
Deadline: First come first serve
Airsoft Target Shooting Competition (ATSC): Individual or Group: limited to 30 players.
Group Competition: limited to 10 teams (10 players per team).
ATSC participants can also join Event War Games.
Event War Games (EWG): 200 players limit.

Arms Airsoft Festival 2014 – equipment specification
Airsoft guns muzzle velocity MUST be under 400fps with 0.20 bb.
Airsoft Sniper Rifle muzzle velocity MUST be under 430fps with 0.20 bb.

Safety: APPROVED goggles,Revisions,Full Face or half face approved by Wasaga. No ESS or other Ballistic glasses/goggles – reference player rules & regulations.
Rentals Available thru Wasaga Paintball.
Age: participant is less than 18 years old must have consent of Parent/Guardian.
Payment by Paypal:
EMT: ; credit cards

Other conditions:
Fees are non-refundable, with the exception of event cancellation.
Weather: rain or shine.
Organizer reserves the right to change the event details without further notice.
Equipment rental: limited equipment will be available for rental on site.
Goggles rental: Wasaga Paintball has full or half face goggles/mask for those who DO NOT have any or approved goggles/mask.
Goggles: Revisions Only as stated by Wasaga Paintball any further info needed contact Wasaga Paintball admin's.


Booths and space also available:
Please contact: Phone : 905 604 6708

Sponsored By :
Ares Canada
Airsoft Depot
Airsoft Parts
BB Bastard
Ultimate Airsoft
Badlands Paintball
Continental Ultimate Inc
JS Airsoft
Red Wolf Airsoft (Hong Kong)
Mach 1 Airsoft

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Blacksheep MilSim Squad Tactics Training
Apr 10, 2014 - 11:56 AM - by foxtrot-one7

When: May 17th 2014
Where: Niagara Quartermaster Airsoft Field
--->Map, click here

Cost: $55

(patches included)

Ever wanted to participate in real MILSIM training?
Need to brush up on your Squad Tactics?

“Squad Tactics is the foundation for MILSIM. It’s a gamechanger for those who attend this training and achieve proficiency. Any level of tactical operations is based on squads doing their job – a platoon is 3+squads working together, a company is 12+ squads working together, a battalions 45+ squads working together. Obviously there are increasing levels of command, control and communication required at higher levels.

Training is conducted using common practices from the USArmy – Crawl, Walk and Run phases. The Crawl phase is about two hours of classroom instruction. The Walk phase is about one hour of open field manoeuvres to practice the principles taught in the classroom. The Run phase is about a five hour live fire exercise where squads defend and attack – there is plenty of trigger time. Each battle is followed by an After Action Review to discuss lessons learned.”

Throughout the day you will learn the following:

-Leadership Building Blocks
-Leadership Procedures
-Take Charge Minute
-Five Point Contingency Plan
-Reporting Enemy Information
-Actions on Capturing POWs
-The Clock Method
-Warning Order
-Operation Order (OPORD)
-Arm & Hand Signals
-Individual Movement Techniques
-Buddy Team Movement/Communication
-Temporary Fighting Positions
-Fighting Position Characteristics
-The Fire Team
-Fire Team Bounding
-The Squad
-Squad Movement
-Fire Team Defensive Position
-Squad Defensive Position
-Platoon & Company Operations
-Offensive Combat Drill
-Defence – Priority of Work
-Defence – Responsibilities

Blacksheep6's MILSIM manuals will be avalible for on-site purchase for an additional $10

MAJ John Bucciarelli, Infantry, US Army (retired)

Units & Posts Served
- Fort Benjamin Harrison, Indiana
- Fort Benning, Georgia
- Fort Huachuca, Arizona
- Fort Knox, Kentucky
- 194th Armored Brigade (SEP)
- Camp Greaves, Korea
- Camp Casey, Korea
- 2nd Infantry Division (2 tours)
- Ansbach, Germany
- Bamberg, Germany
- 1st Armored Division (2 tours)
- Fort Bragg, North Carolina
- 82nd Airborne Division
- First ROTC Region (Methodist College & Region Headquarters)
- Resident Training Detachment Florida Army National Guard
- Fort Meade, Maryland
- First United States Army
- Department of Defense Response Task Force - East

Distinctive Accomplishments
- Legion of Merit for leadership programs developed for the US Army
- Published author of "LEADERS ARE MADE! A Building Block Approach toEffective Leadership"
- US Army Master Trainer
- Emergency Preparedness Consultant
- 150+ Radio and Television Interviews since 9/11/01

Airsoft Accomplishments
- Battle for Tolland III, 08, and 09 (Commander)
- Tribal Wars I, and 08 (Commander)
- Designer of Airsoft MILSIM Training
- Author of MILSIM Tactics Manual
- Author of MILSIM MOUT Manual (Military Operations on Urban Terrain)

Registration details to follow.
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2015 Airsoft Charity Calendar!
Apr 02, 2014 - 10:13 PM - by Aquamarine

It's officially ready AND for sale!!! The 2015 charity calendar produced by my studio, Pozland Photography is officially ready go to out the door!!!
We are using money raised by this 'Dangerous Toys' calendar to help those affected by the tsunami in the Minamisoma region of Japan. We plan on forwarding funds to the Save Minamisoma Project ( in hopes of of bringing fresh water, food and assistance to those who lost homes and families during the 2011 earthquake and tsunami.

I have spent a couple well over a year and a half putting this together, including girls who are involved in airsoft as players, as spouses of players or those who are simply interested in the military. Our girls come from various parts of the world such as Japan (where most of the photos were shot), Russia, Germany, Canada, New Zealand and even Brazil!)

Our calendars are only $20+ shipping and can be purchased either directly through me via EMT or through our website at (where credit cards ARE accepted). Our first-run batch is ONLY 40 copies and more will be produced if there is call.

We would like to thank all of those involved in the assistance of production. Our models, location owners, make-up artists and those who donated clothing and airsoft guns for the photo shoots! Help make someone's life a little better and pick up a calendar or two for yourself, your husband's man-cave, or as a gift for a friend!

*noted, the calendar is a swimsuit/lingerie calendar, but is being given a PG-13 rating and is more or less safe for those over 13 years of age... in other words, if you've hit puberty, then it's safe*

5 Replies | 1,417 Views
Threats of Physical Harm
Mar 11, 2014 - 11:58 PM - by BloodSport
I should not be having to make a post about this, threatening other members with physical harm is against the forum rules, and can also become an issue with the authorities if the member threatened deems it necessary to contact the police.

Tonight I was provided proof from a member who received a threat from another member to act with physical harm at an upcoming event.

Said member has been given his only warning to never do so again here. Next time it is full removal from the site for ever.

I am also providing said members information to the event hosts for them to make their own decision on whether to allow him access to their events or not.

If you threaten physical harm, and the receiving party decides to take it to the police and they investigate we will give up your information if it is done via ASC to the police. This includes your age verification information.

No one needs or deserves threats of physical assault over anything to do with out sport like that.

Nuff said.
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Toronto Airsoft Convention TAC14 MARCH 15 2014
Feb 05, 2014 - 5:24 PM - by c3sk
0 Replies | 2,645 Views
Badlands Airsoft Open House May 24 2014
Jan 31, 2014 - 6:18 PM - by T-Hell
Badlands Airsoft and TBD Airsoft Present
OP Open House 2014

Gates open 10:00am
Scrims start 11:00am

Vendors will be on hand with gear and guns
Teams will be on hand recruiting

All Scrims are new player friendly

Raffle Draws will be held with a huge prize from TBD Airsoft

food on site
toilet facilities on site

Everyone Welcome

Other sponsors

SGT Dirtnapps Camo, Close Quarters Airsoft, Xtreme Tactics

for the most up to date information

Attached Files
Click image for larger version

Name:	Badlands OpenHouse 2014.jpg
Views:	901
Size:	992.4 KB
ID:	42173  
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Op georgian spring - 30 mar 14 - black cobra airsoft
Jan 28, 2014 - 12:00 PM - by Kokanee

Background Narrative

Spring of 2021, the world has been greatly destabilized politically and economically by resource shortages, multiple regional wars and economic crashes. In an attempt to stabilize their country, the government of Georgia enters into final negotiations with both NATO and the European Union with an aim to joining both organizations. However, after both the Ukraine and Belarus begin to make similar overtures to join Georgia in it's negotiations, the residents of Tibsili awake in the early morning to the sounds of explosions and the drone of Russian TU-95 long range bombers streaking overhead. Advance elements of the Russian 106th Guards Airborne Division lead the spearhead, followed by armoured and motorized infantry which have launched a surprise attack through the northern Georgia frontier.

NATO and EU military forces throughout the region are placed on high alert. As the Georgian military crumbles against the Russian onslaught, preparations are made to launch the largest military operation since the second Iraq war, and to liberate Georgia.

Come on out to the first game of the Edmonton 2014 season!

Signup here:

Game Thread:
0 Replies | 1,103 Views
Manitoba - Operation Zombies II May 24/2014
Jan 28, 2014 - 11:19 AM - by PrIeSt
This will be our second edition of the Zombie Op!

Starting near dusk and running for 6 hours. Zombie's, smoke, screaming and death!

Be sure to save the date! for details as they come out.

Facebook event

This was a great success last year, and we plan to put even more into it this year!
2 Replies | 1,395 Views
Happy Holidays / Joyeuses Fêtes
Dec 25, 2013 - 1:16 PM - by Drake
On behalf of the ASC staff, a very Merry Christmas to you all and your loved ones. Be safe and see you all in 2014!

De la part de l'équipe ASC, un très Joyeux Noël à vous tous et vos proches. Soyez prudent et on se revoit en 2014!

1 Reply | 1,420 Views
Name and User Title Change Charity Event
Jun 20, 2013 - 12:46 PM - by bean
Hi I am Nigerian Royalty

Alright ladies and gentlemen, Some of you have picked some pretty stupid names and the staff are quite tired of fixing them all the time. Not only that but some of you want user titles and or fancy images like I have in my user title.


What we require from you:

Name Change
-Your current username and desired username along with notification you sent payment posted in here with like this (Bean GODOFASC payment sent) If you do not do this I get the right to change your name to something humiliating and you get to donate a second time to get your desired username.
An EMT of $10 or more to with a password of airsoft and with your current username and desired username. Use this to check if the name is available. If you pick one that is used we aren't going to change your name and you can donate another $10 to the cause for wasting our time.
-If you want a name that's already being used but has 0 posts and has not logged on in 5 years you can pay $25

User Titles
-This is sure to interest some people. We are offering custom user titles. You will have two different levels you can get. Basic text like you have now but saying what you want and one with an included graphic like you see in mine.
This is great for retailers and teams.
-So since this is just cosmetic and not really important just a user title is $25 and if you want the added graphic it will be $30
-YOU must provide a link to the image - Make sure its on a reliable image host. (I would highly recommend imgur so that the image link is small!)
-The image should be a max size of
---Just text = Max 20 Char, Spaces count.
---Image + text = No larger than (H)25px by (W)40px and max 15 char, Spaces count.
---All Blank space/background of the images must be translucent, and saved in a format that supports it (PNG). This is to avoid blocky images that just don't appeal to the eye.
-If your user title is deemed inappropriate or something like Admin we will assign you one of our choosing. You can also choose for us to pick one but we cant guarantee its awesomeness.
-Follow the same rule as with the name change. Desired user title if an image is being used also and payment sent. For instance "2 Cent Tactical" payment sent

100% of Donations will be going to Wounded Warriors, a Canadian Charity. We did good last year but this year we need to knock it out of the park.

Please note the change of sending the money before posting so that more then just one admin can edit things. If you don't do this and I end up noticing its been several days since you claimed you sent payment you will be assigned a sex act or venereal disease as your user name and likely have your account limited for wasting our time.

Total Raised

78 Replies | 13,155 Views
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